Economic Daily – China Economic Net September 27 (Reporter Zhu Guowang) On September 26th, “All the people to prevent burns and burns education project” “warm heart, love no trace” Yi County Health City Action was officially launched in Hebei Yixian Experimental Middle School, Filling the gap in Yixian County to prevent burns and scalds health and safety education is of great significance to reducing the incidence of burns and burns in the area.

The action was sponsored by Yixian People’s Government of Baoding City, Hebei Province, Haidian District Health and Health Committee, Beijing Haidian District Health Industry Association, China Social Welfare Foundation, Burning and Burning Charity Foundation, Yixian Health and Health Bureau, Yi The County Education and Sports Bureau jointly organized.

Liu Jie, County Magistrate of Yi County People’s Government, Wang Zhanping, Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference, Wang Hongbo, Director of the Medical Management Center of Haidian District Health and Medical Committee, Ma Xiangtao, Deputy Director of the Haidian District Health Industry Association, and Liu Yanli, Secretary General of Beijing Haidian District Health Industry Association, China Social Welfare The founder of the Foundation Burning and Burning Charity Foundation, the national first-class actor Hu Yajie, the sponsor of the China Social Welfare Foundation, the Burning and Burning Charity Foundation, the Sunburn Friends of Burn Scars, and the Burning and Burning Public Welfare Team and the Yi County Medical Volunteer Team More than 1,000 people participated in the event.

One third of burns and burns are children, and children’s burns and burns need to be popularized.

According to Hu Yajie, in China, about 26 million people suffer from different degrees of burns and burns every year, and the number of deaths is second only to traffic accidents, of which children account for more than 30%. According to statistics from a hospital in Beijing, since June 2014, burn wounds have been more than 130 times a day, up to 197, of which more than one third are children under 10 years old.

Burns and burns are particularly serious in children’s accidental injuries, and the mortality rate is high. Even if the treatment is successful, it may be accompanied by lifelong disability, disfigurement and psychological trauma. At the same time, the family also faces huge economic burden and psychological pressure, resulting in poverty due to illness, returning to poverty due to illness, etc. Serious social problems cannot be ignored.

“The main reason for children’s burns is that the caregiver lacks alertness, lacks correct first aid knowledge, and has insufficient understanding of the hazards of burns. Burns and burns are completely preventable. At present, the Chinese government is strengthening the people’s burns. The strategy of preventing consciousness and preventing burns and scalding knowledge education has not been effectively established. The public has a lack of knowledge about burns and burns, and the situation of prevention of burns and burns is severe,” Hu Yajie said.

“National Prevention of Burns and Burns Education Project” fills the gap

Based on the current situation of burns and burns in China, since 2016, the “Social Prevention and Burning Education Project” initiated by the China Social Welfare Foundation’s Burning and Burning Charity Foundation has “one less, one less burned and burned one; one more, one more happiness. As a mission, the family has developed the “School Prevention Scalding Education System” and the “Public Prevention of Burns and Scalding Education System” to fill the gap in the field of Chinese scald science education. As of September 2018, the project team has walked into 56 cities, more than 500 schools, kindergartens, and communities, benefiting more than 130,000 children and their families, and trained more than 2,800 public welfare instructors.

In order to further prevent the health education of burns and scald from falling to the whole country, the China Social Welfare Foundation burned the scald care fund, and started the project with Yi County as a project, which opened the “warm heart, love and no trace” healthy city action. This action aims to build a government-led, social organization, enterprise, media and other major power-related platforms to improve the city’s prevention of burns and burns health and safety knowledge, and reduce the incidence of burns.

Liu Xili, chief expert of the Haidian District Great Health Industry Federation in Beijing, said that behind the incident of burns and burns means a series of social problems. An accidental burn and burn can drag down a family and ruin the child’s life. Therefore, the popularity of first-aid knowledge of burns and burns cannot be delayed. Beijing Haidian District Great Health Industry Association, as the counterpart support unit of Yi County, will pay close attention to and strongly support this action.

Maximize the popularity of scald first aid five steps “rushing off the bubble to send” knowledge

According to the introduction of Sun Pingyou, the founder of the China Social Welfare Foundation’s Burning and Burning Charity Foundation, the reason why the burns in China is so serious is that the people do not know the first-aid knowledge of burns and burns. If the first time occurs, the first-time emergency will go to the hospital. To alleviate the injury, I once treated a little girl. Her head and body were burnt with boiling water. Her mother rushed to her head and face with cold water. Afterwards, the girl’s face and face did not leave any burnt scars. Because there is no cold water left a serious scar. It can be seen that it is important to master the correct first-aid knowledge of burns and burns. This is the knowledge that everyone needs to learn, spread and reserve. The most important thing is that scald first aid knowledge is easy to learn and everyone can learn.”

“Warm Heart, Love and No Trace” Yixian Healthy City Action will carry out activities in various forms. It is planned to post posters for prevention of burns and scalds in various health centers, clinics, indoor and outdoor education bulletin boards, and Prompt cards and promotional brochures; through the large-screen scrolling of TV stations, hospitals, schools, buses, mobile medical vehicles, maternal and child health centers, health centers, village committees and other channels to prevent burns and burns popular science videos.

In addition to the above-mentioned dynamic and static missions, the propagandists will also go to kindergartens, schools, public places such as plazas, shopping malls and parks to publicize the knowledge of prevention of burns and scalds, and raise awareness of the safety of children and parents. And the ability to handle first-aid, call for the admission and care of burned groups, and advocate a healthy and safe lifestyle.

At the same time, traditional media, Weibo, WeChat public number and vibrato, etc. will simultaneously promote the above-mentioned knowledge of burnt and burned science, and achieve online and offline communication.

After the launching ceremony, the relevant person in charge of the Burning and Burning Charity Foundation and the Yixian Health and Health Bureau held a symposium on how to do a good job in the prevention and treatment of burns and burns in the future. In-depth exchanges, the two sides made detailed arrangements for the “warm heart, love and no trace” Yixian Health City action. In the next step, the working group will promote the two systems of the school’s prevention of burns and scald education system and the public public to prevent burns and burns, and carry out multi-dimensional, multi-form, and full coverage of missionary work, and strive to maximize the popularity of burn and burn knowledge.