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China News Service, October 21, according to the Russian satellite network, Russian Defense Minister Shaij said on the 21st that the United States should extend the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” signed with Russia in 2010, and pointed out that even if the treaty needs to be revised It should not be cancelled. According to … Read more


BEIJING, Oct. 21 According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, British Prime Minister Johnson sent a letter to the EU requesting to postpone the Brexit, but did not sign it. He also issued a separate signature letter stating that he did not wish to postpone it. The British Parliament voted on the 19th … Read more

More than a decade ago, Liu Yonghao, the “king of feed”, did a good job in producing business, mainly in Sichuan base camp, but also did not have a list of top 100 housing enterprises. However, since Xin Hope (18.500, 0.12, 0.65%) Group settled the real estate sector independently in 2018, Sichuan Xin Hope Real … Read more