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SHANGHAI, Nov. 17 (Chen Jing Liu Wenting) 107 British teachers became “primary school students” on the 17th. They followed the teacher Chen Yu from Cao Guangyu Primary School in Huangpu District of Shanghai and Mr. Min Minzhu from Zhongshan North Road Primary School in Jing’an District, Shanghai. “The scores on the number of rays” in … Read more


BEIJING, Oct. 21 According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, British Prime Minister Johnson sent a letter to the EU requesting to postpone the Brexit, but did not sign it. He also issued a separate signature letter stating that he did not wish to postpone it. The British Parliament voted on the 19th … Read more

According to “Central News Agency” on October 15th, local time on October 14, Turkish President Erdogan said that he intends to attack another city and expel the Kurdish armed forces from the northern town of Manbij. . In order to resist the attack of the Turkish army, the Kurdish armed forces and the Syrian government … Read more

September 27th According to the Russian satellite network, a study of athletes shows that after high-intensity exercise, the brain will also show signs of fatigue. The study, led by Matthias Persiglion, an expert in the French hospital of Pittier-Saltert, shows that there is no obvious connection between mental and physical labor: both need to recognize … Read more

The “6+3” Industry Investment Promotion Conference and Cooperation Project Signing Ceremony of Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, was held in Chengdu on the afternoon of May 21. The cumulative number of investment cooperation projects was 95, with a total investment of 65.2 billion yuan. It is understood that the sources of investment include the Great Bay … Read more

Xu Cunyuan, deputy general manager of Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., is suspected of serious violations of discipline and law. He is currently undergoing disciplinary review and investigation by the Disciplinary Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, according to the website of the Disciplinary Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on September 20. … Read more

Some large hospitals are often crowded scenes, impressive! With the deepening of China’s aging and the increasing demand for medical care, the contradiction between supply and demand under limited medical resources has aroused concern. From September 17 to 19, the China (Taizhou) Medical Summit was held in 2019. Director of Data Operating Department of Medical … Read more


Xinhuanet Beijing on September 21 (reporter Liu Xiju) 21, Harbin second changling lake autumn season. Visitors from all over the country during a visit to the red lotus seven Kong Qiao and rhyme youth large lotus flower at the same time, also participated in the fishing, harvest corn, corn and other games, from different angles … Read more