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On September 30th, in response to the recent passengers encountering more problems with passengers and tickets, the Taiyuan South Railway Station Li Jing guide purchased the National Day travel reminder. Among them, all trains entering Beijing during the long holiday will carry out secondary security check and transfer passage in the station. For suspension, passengers … Read more

According to the official website of the China Charity Federation, on September 21, the Chinese Charity Federation released the “China Charity Donation Report 2018” at the 7th China Charity Exhibition, which was presided over by Zhang Xiaoqing, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Charity Federation. Liu Fuqing, Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Charity Federation, … Read more

Some large hospitals are often crowded scenes, impressive! With the deepening of China’s aging and the increasing demand for medical care, the contradiction between supply and demand under limited medical resources has aroused concern. From September 17 to 19, the China (Taizhou) Medical Summit was held in 2019. Director of Data Operating Department of Medical … Read more

More than a decade ago, Liu Yonghao, the “king of feed”, did a good job in producing business, mainly in Sichuan base camp, but also did not have a list of top 100 housing enterprises. However, since Xin Hope (18.500, 0.12, 0.65%) Group settled the real estate sector independently in 2018, Sichuan Xin Hope Real … Read more