On the morning of September 30, the city’s 2019 winter heating support work conference was held, requiring all central heating systems to have operating conditions before October 20, and on October 24, they will enter the warm-up trial operation, and on November 1st, on schedule. All normal heating. Vice Mayor Zhang Qishan attended the meeting.

The city’s heating area this winter reached 222 million square meters, of which the central heating area was 203 million square meters. The meeting pointed out that winter heating has always been a major event of people’s livelihood and political tasks, ensuring that the people of the city warm and safe for the winter, is a concrete action for the people to seek happiness. The meeting demanded that the heat supply involves every household, and there must be no intention to do so. The work must be done in a fine and detailed manner. Every part of the preparation work should be done, and the problems should be solved from the root cause. The pre-judgment problem must have sufficient countermeasures, and it is necessary to ensure that the heating work in this winter will reach a new level. All relevant departments and related enterprises at all levels must perform their respective duties, shoulder their respective responsibilities, closely cooperate, strictly implement the supervision responsibility of the department and the local government, and the main responsibility of the enterprise to ensure that the heat supply guarantee work is implemented. Heating enterprises should formulate heating operation plans in advance and deliver them to relevant power plants, improve emergency plans, strengthen management and control of heating period, strictly implement measures for shifting and on-duty inspection systems; reasonably set up reserve emergency materials, emergency personnel and vehicles must be 24 Stand by for hours to ensure timely response and efficient disposal after an emergency. All power plants should do a good job of maintenance and repair of thermal power units in advance, improve the operation stability of thermal power units in an all-round way; implement power generation load, coal source and gas source guarantee, closely connect with various thermal companies, scientifically organize production; actively implement and solve current problems. There are problems that ensure a stable source of heat.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to continue to improve the quality and service level of heating, smooth communication channels with the masses, and improve the convenience service system. The digital urban management service platform and the 24-hour service hotline of each heating enterprise will promptly and efficiently accept incoming calls and visits, and timely dispatch a single order to promote implementation. Strengthen the temperature measurement of households and ensure the quality of heating. All heating enterprises should implement the household temperature measurement day collection responsibility system, pay close attention to the monitoring situation, and adjust the heating temperature in real time. Especially when the temperature suddenly drops or stops the heat, the staff should arrive in time to find the cause and deal with it. Relevant heating authorities should strengthen supervision and ensure that the heating work is in place and in good operation.