According to “Central News Agency” on October 15th, local time on October 14, Turkish President Erdogan said that he intends to attack another city and expel the Kurdish armed forces from the northern town of Manbij. . In order to resist the attack of the Turkish army, the Kurdish armed forces and the Syrian government forces formed an alliance.

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On October 12, local time, it can be seen from the Turkish border that the Syrian town of Ras Al-Ann has exploded and smoked.
According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on the 15th, the Syrian government forces are entering the Kurdish territory from the south, west and north. At present, the Syrian government forces have taken over the Manbiti, which was previously stationed by the US military.

Erdogan pointed out that Turkey will implement its own Manbi quarter plan. According to reports, Turkey and the United States had previously reached an agreement that would lead to the withdrawal of the Kurdish People’s Defence Force (YPG) from Manbiji. Now Erdogan said: “Our agreement with the United States is to let the terrorist organization (YPG) withdraw from Manbiji within 90 days, but one year has passed and Manbiji has not been cleaned up.”

Erdogan stressed: “Once the Manbi quarter is cleaned, Turkey will not enter. The real masters of that area will take over, that is, the Arabs and the tribes. Our position is to settle them (Arabs) there. And make sure they are safe.”

Erdogan also affirmed the US decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria. A US official pointed out that the US diplomatic team that was responsible for regional stability in the northeastern part of Syria has left the country.

It is reported that the city of Manbiji is located in the northeastern part of Aleppo in northern Syria, close to the Turkish border, and is an important city on the west bank of the Syrian Euphrates. After the outbreak of the civil war, Manbiji fell into the hands of the anti-government forces, and in 2014 was again overcome by the extremist organization “ISIS.” At the end of May 2016, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched the Manbi quarter offensive to retake the city. The US military then entered the city. After the “Peace Fountain” operation began on October 9, Manbiji became the target of Turkey’s offensive.