BEIJING, Oct. 15 According to foreign media reports, a print of the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali was stolen from a gallery in San Francisco. The surveillance video showed that the thief had stolen the painting in only 32 seconds.

According to the report, the gallery is holding a Dali print exhibition, and the stolen version is the burning giraffe. The theft occurred around 4:30 pm on the 13th local time. The surveillance on the street caught the suspect.

The surveillance video showed that a man wearing a blue T-shirt and a hat entered the gallery and walked out without a hurry after 32 seconds, holding stolen prints in his hand.

Hopkins, an employee at the gallery when the theft occurred, said the stolen prints were placed on an easel at the front of the gallery. He turned and left the easel for a while, and the prints had disappeared when he turned back. Hopkins said he had not seen the suspect.

The report said that usually the painting was locked on the easel, but the lock on the easel was gone.

The person in charge of the gallery said that the prints and their replicas are famous, and it is difficult for thieves to take out their stolen goods. The print is said to be worth about $20,000.