Turkey’s military offensive against kurds in northern Syria has been condemned by the international community, following U.S. President Donald trump’s abrupt decision to withdraw U.S. troops from the country. Trump has also been criticized in the United States and abroad for his withdrawal of U.S. troops, and accused of “betraying [Kurdish] Allies” and further destabilizing the Middle East.

Donald trump has been criticized for Turkey’s actions against Syria

On October 6, the White House announced the withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria. Mr Trump said it was to get rid of “ridiculous, endless wars”.

In fact, after a phone call between trump and Turkish President recep tayyip erdogan, the White House said Turkey would press ahead with its long-planned operation in northern Syria, and that U.S. forces would no longer be in the area.

Turkey launched a military offensive Sunday against Kurdish militants in northern Syria.

Turkish President recep tayyip erdogan said the offensive was aimed at creating a “safe zone” in kurdish-controlled areas to resettle Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

Many observers blame Mr. Trump for the escalation in the Middle East, saying he is “selling out Allies.” Internationally, the United States congress, both parties, France and other Allies have also expressed opposition to the withdrawal of the United States, saying that the move is a breach of trust and will further destabilize the situation in the Middle East.

Republicans on Monday also lashed out at trump for allowing Turkey to attack U.S. Allies in Syria. Even republican senator and senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham, a key trump ally, said the decision “would be a disaster.”

To quell criticism, Mr Trump also said he had warned Turkey not to do too much or “destroy” its economy.

Some European analysts also believe that trump’s announcement of the withdrawal from Syria is mainly based on the domestic election, and he has made good on his promise to send us troops home for the holidays. In addition, trump is currently involved in the Ukraine “phone gate” scandal investigation, need to shift public opinion.

According to a senior state department official, the U.S. has about 1,000 troops in various parts of Syria, but only about two dozen have been withdrawn from the border.

The international community condemned it

Turkey’s military action in northern Syria has also drawn widespread international attention, with many countries voicing opposition.

Iran says it opposes any Turkish military action in Syria. Some U.S. Allies in the Middle East have also said they do not support Turkey’s military action.

Saudi Arabia has condemned Turkey’s offensive in northeastern Syria, warning that military action could have a negative impact on security in the region.

A Kuwaiti foreign ministry official said Turkey’s military operations in Syria were “a direct threat to the security and stability of the region”.

British prime minister Boris Johnson also spoke with trump about Turkey’s military operations in Syria. “Leaders expressed grave concern about Turkey’s incursion into northeastern Syria and the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe in the region,” the British government said in a statement.

The French foreign minister jean-yves le drian has condemned the Turkish military offensive in northeastern Syria and said they had called on the UN security council to take action.