Los Angeles on October 5 (reporter Zhang Shuo) of the Hong Kong special administrative region shall carry out since 5, the ban on masked regulations, a number of U.S. law enforcement and legal professionals in an interview with China news agency reporters, introduced the practice of police treatment of similar problems, expressed the belief the regulation will be to maintain social stability play a positive role in Hong Kong, now the key is to strengthen law enforcement.

A criminal defense lawyer in federal and California courts and a prominent member of the Los Angeles legal community told reporters that U.S. law requires people to cooperate with police. Articles 182 and 185 of the California criminal laws expressly prohibit people from obstructing police law enforcement and using masked objects to evade police investigation and arrest. Washington, dc, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and other states have similar laws. For serious offenses such as assaulting or injuring a police officer, U.S. law has specific penalties.

Commenting on the recent situation in Hong Kong, deng hong said bitterly: “Hong Kong is a society under the rule of law. We in the legal community find it inconceivable that Hong Kong is in such a mess.

Deng hong says no government can tolerate such violence. It is necessary for Hong Kong to enact the ban on masks regulation. Now that the law is in effect, the key is to strengthen enforcement. Crime cannot be connived, otherwise the whole society will have no day of peace, the whole society will pay too much price.

Li mingcheng, a former director of international communications for the Los Angeles county police department who has worked in the United States for 30 years, told reporters that americans have the right to protest, but it must be legal. Protesters must seek permission from the police station in advance. Police will ask detailed questions about the event’s time, location, subject, number of participants and what not to do, including the use of masked objects at rallies to evade and prevent police from identifying themselves.

Li Ming said that the Los Angeles county police’s response to the protests is generally divided into the following levels: first, on-site investigation and supervision, that is, whether the activities are conducted in a peaceful way; The second is the on-site management, that is, in the occupation of the road and other public security conditions to mobilize the emergency action team, ordered troublemakers to leave, restore order; The third is on-site disposal, that is, in the presence of troublemakers refused to leave the scene and other violations of the implementation of their arrest. During an arrest, the police decide whether and how to use force, depending on the circumstances.

Lee pointed out that if weapons were used during a protest, the nature of the protest would change. It would no longer be a peaceful demonstration, but a riot. The police response, including the use of force and weapons, was changed. According to the Los Angeles county police’s “crowd management and riot control” policy, the police’s top priority at this time is to protect people’s lives and property in a prompt, resolute, reasonable and fair manner. If a mob shot, the police would return fire to protect themselves and the people nearby.

“American police are social vigilantes. The police have zero tolerance for violations that threaten the lives of police and civilians.” Li mingcheng made it clear.

Zhuang peiyuan, President of the Chinese general chamber of commerce in Los Angeles, who immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong, spent 20 years with the Los Angeles county police department. He also pointed out in an interview that it was necessary for Hong Kong to enact the ban on masks regulation.

Zhuang peiyuan said that I once led a delegation of the Los Angeles county police to more than 100 cities in more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa, including Hong Kong, China. I think Hong Kong has a very good police force with perfect equipment and training. Police all over the world have to protect the safety of public life and property in the face of riots. If there were a hong kong-style riot in the us, the police would be very tough on the rioters. Street protests are common in the United States, but the police do not allow any riots or riots, and do not allow hooded thugs to threaten lives and property.