Beijing daxing international airport has unveiled its licensed products for the winter Olympics

Staff collates the first batch of licensed products for the Beijing winter Olympic and paralympic games mascots for sale in this photo/xinhua

Report from our correspondent (reporter li jia) as Beijing 2022 winter Olympic Games mascot “ice mound mound” and winter paralympic games mascot “snow rong rong” officially unveiled, the first batch of mascot concession merchandise yesterday in “concession on the new day” to meet with everyone.

The new mascot licensing commodities cover stationery, clothing, badges, keychains, crafts, precious metals and other categories of dozens of goods, including a number of cost-effective, practical goods.

Yesterday morning at eight o ‘clock, wangfujing gongmei gate has stood in a long line of more than 100 people, in the first line of Mr. Wang and his wife came from haidian home more than 10 o ‘clock in the evening, they wear cotton vest with small maza waiting for 9 o ‘clock gongmei open the door. “I want to buy a series of badges for the 70th anniversary of the new China’s sports, as well as a series of winter Olympic mascots,” wang said.

The sale of licensed goods are quite practical, which durable material mascot pen bag, in conjunction with the combination of large capacity schoolbag use, can make the schoolbag easy to change the pattern, the structure is novel, beautiful and practical.

“See xuanwu door, west river edge, there is a bed of ice. More purple hair, firm cushion, smooth wat, especially faster than wind mast. Who is home, qian skirt slant load. Tease sweet muscle, steal before ice race. Will also four strings, meng bang hole, ask Yin dragon installed in?” When I read the song xuanqing · yuhe ice written by Chen weisong, a poet of the qing dynasty, did I think of the folk ice sports in the kangxi period of the qing dynasty? Two licensed products inspired by this design, “pre-ice pilfering competition” environmental handbag and “pre-ice pilfering competition”, recreate the scene of “pre-ice pilfering competition” on the moat near the xuanwu gate in ancient Beijing, showing the long history and cultural accumulation of Beijing’s ice sports.

Among them, “‘ pre-ice stealing competition ‘tear not rotten storage clip” selects modern environmental protection materials with strong contrast with the sense of ancient paintings, which are ultra-light, waterproof, tear not rotten and other characteristics, and the product is folded into, without any sewing process, innovative concept, low carbon and energy saving.

Appearance in the same period and different style of mascot badges and key chain, including a unlimited mascot emblem for 28 yuan a, another mascot and a birthday cake for the design elements of mascots souvenir badges, as Tmall platform Olympic official flagship store online for sale, set limit to 2022.

New China sports 70 anniversary series badge also continues to go up in this month new, roll out “vigorous and vigorous” “exceed a dream” and “healthy colleague” 3 reflect the badge of masses sports theme. “Vigorous and vigorous” takes the broadcast gymnastics as the theme, displays the youth vigorous and vigorous mental outlook; The theme of “beyond dreams” is marathon, which shows the perseverance and perseverance of Chinese people. “Healthy walking” selects the representative square dance and taijiquan in the square exercise, and depicts a picture of the broad masses of people enthusiastically participating in the exercise. The mass sports theme also follows the design of the competitive sports-themed badge launched last month, which combines the Beijing winter Olympics emblem and the Chinese Olympic committee logo on the same badge by rotating around the axis.

The Beijing 2022 winter Olympic Games emblem and mascot set of pure gold and silver commemorative MEDALS will be introduced to consumers this month as the mascot is released.

At the same time, the Olympic history intellectual property series authorized by the international Olympic committee (ioc) also launched this month the Olympic treasure book emblem and mascot of the previous winter Olympic Games full set of gold and silver commemorative MEDALS. The two sets of products together provide collectors with a complete set of winter Olympics emblem and mascot commemorative medallion.

In addition to gongmei store, Beijing 2022 official licensed merchandise store daxing airport store is located near the fourth-floor check-in island. Passengers traveling between the cities can pick up licensed Beijing winter Olympics merchandise from a cart during their trip. In addition, sitaolai store, the national palace theater store, the Chinese industrial and American store, Beijing book building store has opened to welcome guests.