On September 30th, in response to the recent passengers encountering more problems with passengers and tickets, the Taiyuan South Railway Station Li Jing guide purchased the National Day travel reminder. Among them, all trains entering Beijing during the long holiday will carry out secondary security check and transfer passage in the station. For suspension, passengers travelling to Beijing must arrive at the station in advance.

Li Jing, head of the purchase of Taiwan, said that the National Day passenger flow is mainly concentrated in Shitaike and Daxi high-speed rail lines. The popular direction is concentrated in the central cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an and other central cities such as Pingyao, Linyi and Yuncheng. In the past few days, the most encountered is the situation of passengers changing their tickets. However, some passengers have changed their licenses too hurriedly, which makes it impossible to handle them. She reminded that if the itinerary changes, it is not possible to arrive at the station before driving. Be sure to apply for change or refund on the railway 12306 mobile phone client 30 minutes before driving to reduce economic losses. It should be noted that if there are no other trains or the remaining tickets available for change on the same day, then the change can no longer be applied. In addition, the train ticket changed after driving is not allowed to refund.

On National Day, many college students have to take the train home or travel. According to Li Jing, according to the regulations, student tickets can only be purchased during the summer and winter vacations, that is, from June 1 to September 30, from December 1 to March 31 of the following year. Therefore, the National Day holiday is not eligible for student ticket discounts. In addition, through 12306 online purchase tickets, except Shanhaiguan, Huludao North, Jinzhou South, Taian, Baigou, Baiyangdian, Bazhou West, Shengfang, Shijiazhuang East, Yucheng South, Xinji South, Hengshui North, Jingzhou, Plain East 36, Chengcheng East, Jinan, Zhangqiu, Zibo, Weifang, Qingdao North, Qingdao, Tianshui South, Qin’an, Dingxiu, Lanzhou West, Qihe, Jinan East, etc., to Taiyuan South Station to any other station High-speed rail EMU full-price tickets, do not need to pick up the ticket, with the second-generation ID card after the original verification, directly into the station.