In order to further improve the post-event supervision of fire protection law enforcement, on September 30, the provincial fire rescue team issued a message. From October 1st, the province fully implemented the “double random, one open” fire supervision work.

“Double-random, one-off” fire supervision refers to the fire-fighting agencies randomly picking out inspection targets during fire-fighting supervision and inspection, randomly selecting law enforcement inspectors, and promptly publicly checking the situation and investigating the results. In the field of fire protection supervision, an after-the-fact supervision mechanism based on “double random and open” supervision is established to regulate law enforcement behavior, improve supervision efficiency, and reduce the burden on enterprises. In addition to the verification of reports of fire safety violations, the use of public gathering places, fire safety inspections before business, and other supervision and inspections such as supervision by superiors, all daily fire supervision inspections and special inspections are “double random and open”. “The way is done.

In recent years, the market entities in our province have grown by a large margin, and currently there are more than 2.507 million households, of which 753,000 are enterprises. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Fire Brigade, the contradiction between the regulatory targets and the supervisory forces has become increasingly prominent. In the past, the commonly used “patrol system”, “carpet-style” supervision and “people-to-sea” tactics have not adapted to the new era, new situations, new requirements, and need to be followed. The requirements of modernizing the governance system and governance capacity, and establishing a more scientific regulatory mechanism.

Implementation of “double random, one open” supervision, any enterprise has the possibility of being drawn, there is no selective inspection; public disclosure of illegal and untrustworthy enterprises, implementation of joint disciplinary action, so that the untrustworthy person is untrustworthy, restricted everywhere, let Enterprises have awe of supervision and do not dare to be lucky, and always maintain self-discipline and law-abiding operations. At the same time, “double random, one open” supervision is conducive to ensuring that law enforcement officials at the grassroots level perform their duties in accordance with the law.