From the north wind, the heart is sweet. In the autumn and winter seasons, the vegetable market in Guangdong has a wide variety of seasonal vegetables. The locally produced cabbage, rapeseed, mustard, wheat, and seaweed are the best-selling vegetables, which are the ingredients of Guangdong’s autumn and winter seasons. Preferred. In Taishan, Guangdong, there is a strange and unique pod called the carambola bean, which is also on the market. Local people love to use it to cook dishes.

According to reports, the carambola bean is a dragon bean, which is named for its pods like carambola, also known as the four-corner bean, four-corner bean, four-petal bean, wing bean, wing bean, emperor bean, and fragrant bean. Carambola beans are vine crops, which need to be planted on the shelf. The flowers are lavender. The pods are generally more than ten centimeters long and two or three centimeters wide. They are long square tetrahedrons with ribs. The tender pods are light green and the edges are wing-shaped. And there are sparse teeth, the color of the old pods is obviously deeper. Because it is rich in protein, multivitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium, it has a high nutritional value and is known as “green gold”.

In Taishan Taicheng, many teahouse restaurants have timely introduced the menu of the carambola beans for guests to choose. “Taishan people pay attention to the ingredients, and don’t eat them from time to time. Now the local carambola beans are in the season. During this time, there is one more choice for local vegetables. The carambola beans do not need too complicated cooking techniques, and you can choose garlic stir-fried and stir-fried pork. Or the flavor of bacon (bacon, sausage). The fresh carambola beans are crispy to eat, and many diners like it.” Ms. Lin Chunye, general manager of Taicheng Tingyuan Leisure Food Center said.

“Taishan is the most suitable for planting carambola beans in August. It will enter into a prolific period around November. It will be harvested after about 10 days of flowering and podping. At this time, the pods are crisp and have few fibers. If the picking is too late, the pod fibers will increase. Rough and hard to eat. Different varieties of carambola beans, planting time is slightly different, and the length of the pods is also different.” According to the farmers in Duanfen Town, the farmer of Duanfen, the poplar bean planting is generally divided into “the same year, harvested in the same year” Or “planting in the same year, harvesting for many years”, he will plant carambola beans every year. In addition to harvesting and selling, he can also pick up some gifts for friends, relatives and neighbors.

“The carambola beans more than 10 cm in this period are more common, but they also have a shorter head. For the convenience of customers to buy, some stalls will tie the carambola beans with ropes and weigh them for sale, but some owners think that carambola As long as the beans are fresh enough and the appearance is good, they can be placed neatly for customers to choose.” Ms. Wu Meizhen, the owner of a dish in Taicheng Fucheng Market, told the reporter that the price of starfruit beans is basically kept at RMB 16 to RMB 30 per kilogram (RMB, Between the next and the next, the length of the head will not affect the taste of the food.

“Every autumn and winter season, in the rural areas of Taishan, you can occasionally encounter the podard beans filled with pods. The plants are planted in the side of the vegetable garden or the fish pond. It is the most convenient. The seasonal ingredients can be picked at hand. This method is used to pick the carambola. Beans are also very suitable. When picking, you should look carefully, in case some pods are hidden in the dense leaves and grow up.” After the graduation, I went back to Taishan to work in the rural areas. The “90s” Taishan people started their business, and they picked the Yangtao beans. It is a process of experiencing a bumper harvest and a sense of well-being, and the home-made carambola bean-style dishes prepared by parents are enough to make his index finger move.

The spring, summer, autumn, and winter collections of this season can bring a sense of ritual to our lives, not only in the four seasons, but also in the moment to participate in the experience of harvesting the harvest, thanks to the gifts of nature, such as Pick the seasonal vegetables such as carambola beans, taste the dishes cooked in the season, and learn about the veins of traditional farming.